Google Mobile Apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides – An Insight

Google Mobile Apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides – An Insight

Google Mobile Apps

Google Mobile Apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides

The ever-increasing usage of smartphones and tablets with each passing year upsurges the need for better app experience. Especially, mobile users yearning for enhanced office productivity favor to download applications that help them create and edit the contents on-the-go.

Google – the Internet giant is known for offering a number of apps for…

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Biggest Video Games to Look Out for This Summer

There’s more to summer than barbecues and sunburns. If you’re tired of fighting large crowds at the park or having to lather up with sunscreen, spend some time at home catching up on the latest video games. Here are some of the hottest games of the summer.

Lumia 830 render shows Nokia by Microsoft branding

Nokia, which still exists as a non-smartphone-making Finnish company, might slowly be giving up its hold on “Nokia” smartphones. This might very well start with the rumored Lumia 830, which, based on this leaked render of its backplate, still shows the company’s name, but now affixed with “by Microsoft”, hinting at how Redmond plans to transition the branding from Nokia to purely Microsoft.